You’ve got one life, one chance, one lifetime to make it happen. The best you is just around the corner and the way to unlock it, is to believe in who and what you are becoming.

Have high expectations for you and those around you.
Don’t make claims you can’t substantiate. Authenticity and integrity don’t come in shades.
Smile more – it’s better to be the one that smiled then the one who didn’t smile back. 
Use humour – it helps to win more customers more often.
Sales is about how you make people feel, before, during and after the transaction.
Don’t over think it.
Anxiety only happens when you don’t have a system for it.
You feel your best when everything is in control.
Markets are owned by people who serve the customer.
Business should be dynamic, bold and outstanding.
Those that make the calls, get in the doors.
Always be training – it keeps you business fit.
Beware of those with a big hat and no cattle.
The moment you start focusing on the competition is the moment you lost focus on the customer.
Your attitude determines your altitude. 

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