If you want to make a greater difference in the world, you have to MASTER the art of influence.

And, yes, it is an art. Everyone knows these basics for influence:
Ask better questions more consistently than others.
Ask questions like, “What’s our goal here? Who will be impacted if we do or don’t make this decision? Whose role is this – who is accountable to make this happen? What capabilities and resources would we need to make this happen? How will we measure our progress and success?”
Be the lynchpin.

If you are the connector in your network, you rise in the network’s power structure. Be the person who knows everyone’s desires and strengths, and connect people based on those things. The more people you know, and the more people you connect, the more influence you have.

Challenge yourself to add more value with these three questions:
(a) Is what I’m creating and contributing truly distinct?
(b) Is this my most excellent contribution possible?
(c) Am I and my work demonstrating heart and emotion?

Sometimes, this common sense isn’t common practice.
That’s why people need more in-depth training on how to even THINK about influence.

If you’re ready to gain INCREDIBLE amounts of influence in your life then the HOT SPOT SYSTEM is for you!

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