When are you at your best?

It’s when you’re in your peak state, and that’s the ability to focus on what’s important so intently that nothing else can come at you.

Knowing that what you are working on right now, will transform your future and that you have so much clarity around you, you feel electric and more positive about your capability to achieve it.
It’s that feeling, that energy in your brain when you reach clarity about how to do something, because you know it will work and take your market by storm.

Execution of your strategy is often at the cost of doing average work that hasn’t produced the results you wanted. So where does growth happen? Learning to let go of what you no longer need to do, creating better systems and building a team around you so that you can narrow your focus and become a specialist.

The key to being in your peak state more often:
1. Create an environment that supports the type of person you want to become.
2. Follow a rhythm and a routine so you can reduce the number of decisions that need to be made each day.
3. Watch your diet, exercise, sleep and people you hang around with.
4. Take time out from the game so that you’re on, making it happen when it counts.

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