What I care about most is what you do when you’re off-track to get back on track.

1. Re-position. If it’s not working there’s something not right, it might be your energy, your urgency, or what you’re saying to the client. You’ve got to think more about your positioning and what it means for the client. Do they have urgency to increase their business now or is 2016 going to be ok for them?
2. Change up your routine. Start earlier with your calls, and hit it out with more intent. It’s the ability to create long lasting relationships that sets your business apart. Get really good at building your database, then producing a better call list each day. Who are the people you need to call, to keep them informed, or follow up on?
3. Create a wonderful energy around you. Being positive and focused makes a world of difference. Cut out the distractions, the emotions and the people that aren’t helping you to achieve what it is that you want.

It’s so important that you have a vision for your life, a dream that’s big enough and important enough for you to build a team, which builds a business that provides real value to your customers.

Happy Friday x

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