What’s making you confident right now? It’s a great question because it gets you to play from the positive side of the equation, recognising strengths and outsourcing the rest.

To rapidly grow your business you need three ingredients:
1. Fitness – the speed of your recovery. Getting over setbacks, negative emotions, distractions, thoughts and feelings that simply won’t get you to where you want to go. Fitness is earned, it’s earned in your relationships, in your business, physically, mentally and financially. Everyday you’re either moving closer to fitness or sickness. Based on your activities so far this month, are you getting fitter or sicker?
2. Systems – the way you do things. This is critical. Simple activities like having a chase list, using the first 45 minutes of every day to complete outgoing calls, booking at least 3 face to face appointments per day. If you don’t know what makes you successful, then how will you ever teach it? We are what we repeatedly do.
3. People – Employing people who are better than you, because if you want to scale you have to let go to grow.

You’ve got what it takes, there is more opportunity then you think and the marketplace is a lot bigger than what you realise. The great challenge that lays before you is the spot the opportunities and seize the day. Let’s make great things happen – www.hotspotsystem.com.au

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