There is no doubt that people can tell if you love what you do, because purpose keeps you fresh and as far as I’m concerned motivation is self-served.

You make the decision to put that bounce in your step and that smile on your dial. Here’s three essentials to making it happen:
1. Grow a business. A business is one that makes a profit and isn’t ashamed to do so, because it want’s the resource to expand, to serve more customers. You can’t grow a great business on your own. The bigger the dream, the more important the team.
2. Know how your business makes money, how it generates it’s leads (how your customers find you). The most important question you’ll ever answer in business is where do your customers hang out before they need you?
3. Be diligent in your efforts and measure often. That means enter every person into your database – keep a fit database not a fat one. Make it responsive by using better categories and measure your database growth often. Build your database well before you need it. Remember the hardest business to win is the one where you have to pitch against a relationship. So build more relationships by being super relevant. Become the friend in the business.


Happy Horsey Day Everyone!

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