I’m going to ask you a tough question. Have you truly made the commitment to go all in?

No more back-up plans, excuses or negative emotions. No more self-doubt, sabotage or blaming.

Instead a relentless pursuit to keep on developing you, because your personal development is what keeps you fresh. How you react to market changes and the situations that happen to you determine what happens in your life.

You’ve got to have a vision for what you want, for who it is that you’re becoming. That vision should drive you and inspire you. If you feel good you’ll do more of the work that counts.

When you focus on competitors and what others are doing, it’s another minute you didn’t spend chasing down your dreams and helping your clients to achieve theirs.

You’ve got to serve others, and the greatest weapon of all in business is relevance to your customer. It’s the new economy – we all love personal service and above all else we love to have a friend in the business.

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