Sometimes you meet people and their entire goal is just to meet their cost of living. Others talk about 2X their business, whilst others are even more ambitious and chase 10X growth.

The problem with 2X growth is you hold on to all of your ideas about what you did last year and you never really let go. When you think about 10X growth something changes.

You start to think about:
1. Who you are becoming?
2. What systems you need?
3. Who do you need to surround yourself with, so that you have better mentors and tormentors to ensure your growth?
4. How do you play the game differently by narrowing your focus to just one number?
5. When’s the right time to start employing people who are even better than you?

The most important thing you’ll ever do is to build a group of mentors and tormentors around you, who’ll help you to continually develop. By going all in, you step up and realise that their is a world of opportunity and it’s up to you to make it happen. Remember if you don’t have your vision clear, then how will your team ever play the movie?

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