It’s the danger zone that you need to cross. The last 10%.

1. Making all the effort to turn up, on time, dressed well and then paralysed with fear preventing you from making the calls.
2. Making the call, getting ahold of the client, then missing the key questions, the key information or misusing the hook line and therefore not booking the appointment.
3. Doing a great presentation – the one you wanted to give, not the one the client needed to hear. Because 90% of every conversation is identifying the need.
4. Setting the goals, getting clear on what you want and then not reviewing them – ever.
5. Hitting their HOT SPOT then empowering the client through weak dialogue, shifting the power position and pushing the deal apart rather than bringing it together.
6. Getting tied up doing stuff that makes you feel like you contributed, but didn’t actually get you any results.

It’s really clear that all success happens when we give 100%. There’s no half way, no I tried, no I’m not ready yet. There’s only I just did that and I won – in either hitting success with the win or learning from the failure.

If you take the perspective that everyone’s designed to say no, and your role is to learn to ask questions where it’s easy to say yes, then you’ve mastered the art of being truly great.

So do what you’d said you’d do, start finishing the last 10%. Join me this month with special offers on my 3 Day Hot Spot System.  Enquire Today!

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