Raise your hand if you have ever really enjoyed buying something?

Now raise your hand again if you want more people to buy from you?

Maybe you have a great product or service but you just don’t know how to get it into the right people’s hands?profile-pic

Possibly just hearing the words “COLD CALL” literally sends shivers down your spine?

Maybe presenting to people and talking to large audiences makes you want to run for the hills?

Well imagine giving your product or service the true justice it deserves.

Imagine no longer being afraid of presenting or picking up the phone and talking to complete strangers about how you can help them.

Buying and Selling are fundamental to life and Lisa can show you that Sales is NOT a dirty word!

Lisa Newman has been helping people make great buying decisions for over 25 years now and from her years of experience has built the HOT SPOT SYSTEM™.

From teaching Scuba Diving, being a New Car Sales Executive, Radio Advertising Specialist and World Class Public Speaker, her experience is wide and varied and she is ready to share her knowledge with you and help you turn your dreams into a business.

Everyone has a gift or a skill, product or service that others are willing to pay for. The HOT SPOT System™ teaches you how!

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