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Lisa Newman is a Professional Speaker and a leading expert in Sales & Marketing. Her Hot Spot System TM is helping Sales Executives, Public Speakers and Entrepreneurs worldwide. The Hot Spot System™ delivers a simple to use process that if adopted will see improved Sales outcomes and more professional presentations from you and your staff.

From learning how to sell advertising and creating unique marketing concepts for clients that really hit the HOT SPOT, to negotiating for excellent outcomes on both sides, presenting and sharing your expert positioning story and closing the deal. Lisa Newman’s 25 years experience in Sales, Advertising, Marketing and Presenting makes the HOT SPOT SYSTEM&trade the easiest way to get great outcomes every time.

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The Hot Spot System™ Is Built Around 5 Key Elements

[skt_key_features icon=”fa fa-rocket” title=”1) SELECT” width=”one-fifth” style=”background:#000000″ description=”” ][/skt_key_features]

[skt_key_features icon=”fa fa-flask” title=”2) SEEK” width=”one-fifth” description=”” ][/skt_key_features]

[skt_key_features icon=”fa fa-cloud” title=”3) SOLUTION” width=”one-fifth” description=”” ][/skt_key_features]

[skt_key_features icon=”fa fa-pencil-square-o” title=”4) SECURE” width=”one-fifth” description=”” ][/skt_key_features]

[skt_key_features icon=”fa fa-user” title=”5) SUCCESS” width=”one-fifth” description=”” ][/skt_key_features]

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